09 September 2012

Join and win various prizes (Code to join this league: 169890-47298)...
Various leagues.... view before join in: http://tugafantasyleague.blogspot.ch
No team will be allowed participate in the various competitions without a previous contact :by e-mail (vascobarreto@iol.pt) , by message ( 0041762402770) , by facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/vasco.barreto3 ) or in the blog (http://tugafantasyleague.blogspot.ch ) any team without a previous contact will be deleted ( we need the contact for give the prizes in the end off the season for the winning teams).
ANY TEAM that change the previous name from one season to another season will be automatically regalated for the lowest league of the Tuga Fantasy Leagues.
ANY TEAM that don't participate in the Champions League and Europa League will be deleted in the next season

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